Monday, June 27, 2016

Most requested DIY Hand and Body lotion

DIY Simple and Useful! 

I have made this many times and it always gets requests for more, please!

Start with a spotlessly clean glass jar and lid.    Paint the lid and allow to dry while you make the lotion.  I usually do batches that make about 8 jars at a time.    Make a label with a friend's name to be personalized, they will adore it (and YOU)

Here is the lotion recipe:   

16 ounces baby lotion
8 ounces coconut oil (solid form, not melted)

8 ounces vitamin E cream

Blend together with a mixer until it resembles icing.  Fill the jars and shake them so it settles into the bottom.  

You can use 4 or 8 oz. canning jars or just leftover jars from everyday use in your kitchen, jelly, mustard, etc. to make it truly an upcycle project.

You can get all the ingredients at a dollar store too!   Check the ingredients for all natural, if possible to avoid any allergies or additives.

ENJOY!   Stay tuned for more DIY fun and useful projects.