Friday, January 18, 2019

Preserving Family Recipes


My project today is to encourage you to preserve those memories associated with family recipes.  Have you ever considered scrap-booking your recipes just like your photos?  The embellishment possibilities are endless.  Add personal photos or digital images.  How about fibers, buttons, pearls or Dew Drops, chip board, Scrabble tiles, ribbon...make the cards in your style or theirs!  Make a keepsake album or cookbook for yourself or as a gift.

I recently took the time to combine my grandmother's, mother's and my recipe boxes.  I found there were several that were in all three.  Some were handwritten and some were typed and my choice was to keep the earliest handwritten version of each, even if it wasn't the easiest to read.   Could I have typed them into my computer's word or recipe program and made them easy to find by an index.  Yep.  I could also have scanned them in as pictures and stored them in folders.  That's actually what I plan to do with the finished cards so that I can share them with family.  But without the actual cards, I would lose a piece of the sentiment...the history...behind them.

 I chose to work with two Authentique paper pads.  Both Saucy and Fabulous have wonderful retro designs.  Since many of my old family recipes are from my grandmother and mother-in-law the patterns are perfect.  

Between the two paper pads, there are a few kitchen-specific themes.  Pictured above are pans & kettles, strawberries, aprons and utensils.  I chose a pink card stock because each of these four has a pink element in the paper.  I made the decision to permanently mount these three cards because there was nothing written on the back.  You could also use photo corners.  If your recipe card has a B-side, you could pop it into a clear sleeve or glassine envelope and have it flip up to access the rest.  I plan to photocopy any of the backsides and attach them to the back of the card.

For this recipe from my grandmother, I chose to put her picture on the front.  This is one of my very favorite photos of her and my mom and I.  This is one of those recipes that was in all three boxes and I thought a photo of the three of us was a fun nod to that.  I made a brief note about the photo on the back.  Two little gold glam stickers are on the front to give it a little tiny touch of bling.  Pretty, without being too fancy.  Gram would approve.  

This recipe from my mother-in-law is from one of the first family dinners that I was invited to!  I asked what she wanted me to bring and she handed over this chicken casserole  recipe that was a family favorite.  Now that she's gone, I make it with sour cream.  I can make that change now on my photocopy without altering her beautifully written card.  It's embellished with some darling ribbon and a charm that says, "HAND MADE WITH LOVE."  Absolutely fitting for the woman who was my second mom.  The picture of the woman cooking was cut out of another sheet of paper from the Saucy paper pad.

My mother preferred her cards typed and used to pull out her old 20 lb. Royal typewriter with the sticky keys when she found one that she wanted to keep.  Even in the full size scan, you can't see that there are two pretty big folds in the card.  I can't tell if it got caught in the box or just damaged while she was cooking, but just looking at the stains on it tells me it was one of her go-to recipes.  It's probably why I love short ribs now!  This card was embellished with a pink ribbon and more fun pictures cut out of the paper pad.

Be sure to scroll down so you can access full copies of each of the recipes.  Please use and enjoy the recipes!!  

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Celebrate Creativity wth LOVE

Since we are hosting a Valentines Card Exchange...
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Sunday, January 13, 2019

I was thinking of things I cannot live without when it comes to my art.  What are your favorite items?

Stencils are a go-to for fabulous creating and of course, the paints and texture paste to make them even more fabulous!


Glitter is truly a gift from the Craft Gods!  However, the cleanup cloth is a gift from housekeeping!

YES, even waltzing Cowboys need some glitter!  This project was a gift for a special friend who loves the true Cowboy Southwest.
The cowboy hats and the feet of the box are glittered magic!

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Thanks for your support!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Out with the Old and In with the New - Take 2

I'm still working on the concept of out with the old and in with the new here at present but rather than throw out the old, it's in my heart to be repurposing as much as I can. 

I have been painting over old paintings and my journal to kick start this year was made from a piece of cardboard that came perfect in size and already scored to have a spine, and big enough to fit Signatures of A3 Size Sheets of Water Color Paper.

To cover the outside of my journal I used the fabric of an old shirt and the inside was lined with some papers I handmade in 2017.  
My internal spine was cut from another piece of sturdy cardboard and I simply lined up and punched three holes at the top and bottom on this piece.  I then took a piece of red elasticized thread and weaved this through the holes to create four page holders in my journal.  By pulling this thread tightly they hold the pages in firmly but allow me to remove each piece to work on them separately meaning I don't get lots of fun creative inky mess on my journal and its covers.

You can see in the photos it holds the page I shared with you from my last post beautifully and because our post today is all about the heart I am doing a bit of a Throwback Thursday also showing you a Gel print I did some time ago where I used punched out heart shapes as a mask.  The other page was done taking inspiration from my frangipanis in flower.  I used my watercolor pencils (see the special offer and get a FREE watercolor tube Brush) and gelatos to do this.

I am loving that I am in my creative flow at present, I've been journaling and painting and even writing some haiku poetry of late also.  If you are looking for lots of product inspiration to get creative in 2019 then be sure to check out all the wonderful supplies here on the website.

Have you already found this New Year has you all inspired and ready to create?  I'd love to know.

Danie xx