Thursday, July 28, 2016

architectural elements wall hanging

Look, let me tell you right now, I did not make this.  But I love it, so I'm going to share it with you, yes?  And it clearly once again demonstrates the power of the chalk paint.

First, I love that weathered wood.  It's just a hunk of plywood for the base, but it's not distressed or faux painted to look weathered--it's the real deal.

A wonderful piece of antique tin is featured in the center, but trust me, it was pretty much solid rust, and a bit of sprucing up really helped its attitude.  I did a little picking, though, to show a peek of the original color.

On three sides are the framing pieces, with two corner elements at the top.

The frame is simply hammered to the piece of weathered plywood, and a chunky chain was added for hanging.

Chalk paint love, my friends!
Want to make something similar?

Try sawing off the bottom edges of a wooden frame and adding some wooden corner elements from your local lumber yard. Add a faux tin piece for the center, attached to a piece of wood cut to fit the size of your frame.  (Most lumber yard type stores will do this for you if you ask, so bring your measurements!)  If you like the look of the chunky chain, you can attach a length with eyelet screws--any hardware store will have chains of all sizes and colors, cut to whatever length you choose, and  the eyelet screws, as well.

You can find Dixie Belle chalk paints at DIY Design Studio, and a faux piece of tin ceiling at her sister site, Altered Pages.

A Happy Thursday to you!