Wednesday, January 25, 2017

DIY travel themed map bunting

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I helped make the decorations for the new grandson's baby shower a few months back. It had an adventure/travel theme, which was the perfect opportunity to use the old atlas I'd been hoarding for, ahem, at least a decade. No joke, I made the flags for this map bunting while sitting in the car!  However, the pics I took then don't seem adequate now, so I've added a few for clarification.

First, I tore out pretty much all the pages of the atlas, which were quite large.

I FOLDED each whole page in half: 

trimmed up any rough edges, and then CUT each large half into two smaller pieces, fold at top.

Each smaller, folded piece, I gave a little crease in the center at the OPEN shorter edge--this will be the bottom tip of the flag.  It will leave just enough of a mark that you can see it to cut by.  At the top of the flag is the fold, which will sandwich over some jute to make the lengths of bunting.

Line up the top corner of the flag with the crease, which marks the center tip, on the paper cutter.  Repeat on the other side, leaving the flag triangle.  Again, at the top is the fold, which will be hung over jute and glued together to make the lengths of bunting.

Open the flag, sandwich in the length of jute or twine at the top, and gluestick the flag together, folding it back over itself.

This was the calm before a million people showed up for the shower.  It was crazy!
Here are the buntings at the shower.  Now, they're hanging in the baby's nursery.  You can see more baby shower decorations, and baby nursery pics in the next post . . . see you there!

easy adventure/travel themed baby shower decorations

You know, I can say "easy", because I have a lot of stuff hanging around my house, waiting to be used at times like these!
Tablecloths from the same son and dil's wedding whose baby shower this is, burlap runners I've had forever, vintage cameras, old children's readers, and vintage glass luncheon plates, all from my many accidental collections.  The circles are punched from map scraps left from making the flag bunting.

Trail mix party favors in vintage suitcases--you can guess where those came from . . . yes, the globe is mine, too!

Giant rosettes: the centers are dictionary page rosettes saved from a previous baby shower, the back rosettes are atlas pages from the same atlas as the bunting.  DIY for the flag bunting is HERE.

The baby's breath are in glass baby bottle vases with jute wrapped at the top, with blue tinted water.

These map backed, framed letters were at the baby shower, but now you can see them in the baby's nursery.  The old radio was my uncle's, so Fenn's great-great uncle.

Framed, computer printed "You Are Our Greatest Adventure", with map backing--this was also at the shower, it and the atlas buntings are now in baby's room.  I wish I could remember where I found this print, it was free online--if it looks familiar, let me know.

Recognize the rosesttes?  Now they hang above the changing table.  I had no idea all these decorations would end up in his room, but let me tell you, it makes their creation even more gratifying to see them there!