Saturday, October 29, 2016

New fantastic items to inspire you

What sparks your imagination?  

Is it color?

Is it style?

Is it plain to pizzazz possibilities?

We found some fab items that fit the bill for all reasons.

Another Brick in this Wall Stencil 

Wood appliques for cigar boxes, painted furniture, decorative add-ons to any project, book, journal or gift.  Simply glue one and PAINT or STAIN or GLAZE.

Make sure to stop by and see  new stock items and find how you can create with paint, glazes, and waxes.

Create your own absolutely one of a kind pieces.

Same piece of furniture sanded and cleaned. Add Dixie Belle Paint, Swamp Mud texture and Stencil for an amazing makeover.

Here is another idea for you....ceiling tile embossed wallpaper applied  and painted.  AMAZING results!   

YOU're the redo Star & your furnishings can be truly AMAZING.

Thanks for visiting us. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

reDIY of a DIY--flea market find blanket chest

I love flea market finds!  I'm a complete sucker for the 75% off booths, which is where this blanket chest originated.

You can tell from the tape measure that it's a pretty good size, and it's been painted with a crackle finish. 

Ask me how much it cost.

It was $3.75!!!  
Admit it.  You would have bought it for $3.75, too, right?

Anyway I want it to be red, so get out the chalk paint . . . 
It's just a coat of red, with a creme wax coating, but the crackles and the blue beneath make it look like I really worked on it.  Kind of like stealing the effect from someone else's DIY efforts, so a thank you to the original blue painter person!  I suppose the lesson here is, don't be afraid of a previous DIY.  If you don't like previous DIY, just reDIY it.

We've been hunting for a chair for this spot, but until then, this $3.75 find has lots of storage and is sturdy enough to use as a bench.  (It's currently full of blankets and the daughter's coloring books/colored pencil stash.)