Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bottles to rave about

One of our contributing Artists is Ingrid Vient and I want to show you what she did with Dixie Belle paints, not just for furniture!

Ingrid's husband Mike likes to be a mixologist for friends and family.   Therefore, Ingrid always has a wide array of cool bottles left over!

For these three she did a brown primer, even though it is not absolutely necessary.  It gave her a good base to be able to sand the chalk paints to reveal the brown undercoating.

For the tall bottles, 1 and 2, she used Buttercream Dixie Belle chalk paint and allowed to dry.  For the center bottle (3), she used Seaglass chalk paint.     She sanded to remove some paint and capture the raised lettering.    On the Seaglass, she then added a coat of grunge glaze for an aged appearance.   

Bottle 1; Jute cord was wrapped around the neck and an old key was attached.

Bottle 2: cardstock was cut to create a paper flower and petals were edged with brown ink.  (Ingrid used a Silhouette cutting machine for this) and it was attached with E6000 glue for a sturdy hold.

Bottle 3; Jute was wrapped around the center and secured with a dab of E6000 glue.    Another label was cut on the Silhouette machine and glued into place.   Ingrid then added a metal medallion and a broken piece of jewelry from her stash.

These bottles, as you can see, are stunning and make a fantastic centerpiece or shelf decor.  Give them as hostess gifts choosing complimentary colors for your hostess's home.