Friday, September 9, 2016

Funny little Punkins!

Yep, those dollar store Pumpkins can be masterpieces!

Using Dixie Belle Paints you can create awesome holiday decor with minimal expense.

(courtesy of Virginia Bittinger)

Start with your average faux pumpkin (or a real one)

Add  a coat of DBP in Sage Green or Butter Creamy, maybe even Gulf blue or Plum Crazy for extra fun!

Allow to dry and then add a light glaze of Van Dyke Brown for an aged appearance and weathered look.

Add your embellishments like jute or fall leaves, use your imagination and VOILA!

Plenty of great stuff at www.DIYDESIGNSTUDIO.COM

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

DIY a Fall Wreath

Using craft sticks a little paint and glue make your own wreath!!!  Dixie Bell Paint coverage is awesome.  You will love using it on your projects!

Dixie Belle Paint: Flamingo Chalk Mineral Paint and Van Dyke Brown Glaze
Large Craft Sticks
Tacky Glue
Floral stem

Cut 2 rings the size you would like your wreath (for sturdiness tacky glue the 2 rings together).  Outside of the ring is 8 inches across and the center 4 inches.

Tie a 12 inch piece of  ribbon around the cardboard to use to hang the wreath with when finished.

Layer about 50 large craft sticks with tacky glue on the cardboard, set aside to dry. 

A look from the back of the wreath.

Once the glue is dry paint with Dixie Belle Flamingo Chalk Mineral Paint 

Set aside to dry.

With a  rag lightly paint with Dixie Belle Van Dyke Brown Glaze.

Let Dry.

Attach floral stem and bow!


Sunday, September 4, 2016

Ready for Fall?

And it begins!  Seems like when September hits we begin seeing a flurry of activities that doesn't stop until New Years!

  • Back to school activities 
  • Fall Holiday planning
  • Football weekend entertaining
  • Hostess gifts for parties
  • Create menus for gatherings
  • Make and mail cards
  • New outfits and party clothes
  • It makes me dizzy!
We sure can help with some of the items.    Darling and inexpensive hostess gifts begin with upycled glass/mason jars and chalk paint, tie with a ribbon and Voila!

created by 'Hop to it'

OR how about a darling personalized shelf sitter using wood blocks with papers and embellishments....

created by Jean Moore

All made so easy and beautiful with Dixie Belle Chalk Paints at our store.   Please visit to see some great products.

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