Thursday, May 18, 2017

Refab-ulous Table

Let's take a table with some miles on it and make it look this fabulous.
Dixie Belle Paints rescued this well-loved wooden table.
Love the lines.
Here is the underside, after removing all of the parts:
Yep, the top of the table had a long crack in it.
Wood glue to the rescue.
Love the softness of the Buttercream.
Looking good.
A close up:
Realized there was an uneven place after gluing, so I added some Dixie Belle Swamp Mud to fill in the gaps. Sanded it down and painted a thin layer of paint over it. 
(YES, I placed the Swamp Mud over paint. These products are amazing!)
While the table top rested I did some rust cleanup. The hardware was all rusty, some vinegar in a bottle overnight did the job.
Looking pretty good now:
The smaller wooden pieces need some TLC next. See the piece in my vise? Yeah, we had another hidden crack.
Next up is the distress phase using the sander.
Love the way these curves look. Distressed and not:
Then a thin layer of Best Dang Wax over every part.
Thin layer of Grunge Glaze completes the look. You can see the difference against the bright table top:
Lastly another light layer of wax buffed on.
As I assembled the parts:
All together now:
The effect was spectacular:
This was great fun and the next large project awaits. I hope you enjoyed the process as much as I did.
Thank you and ciao for now.
-Trish Alger