Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Give it in PARIS!

I had a white box that I have been wanting to use to do something
Parisian with it! 

My white blank board box didn't inspire me, I needed something more rustic.  Dixie Belle paints were perfect for the project.  The paints and glazes are great for any surface...wood, metal, glass, laminate, ceramic and even fabric! EVEN paper and cardboard!

I first painted the box with a thin almost dry coat of Dixie Bell Paint - ButterCream, the reason is the cardboard is pourous and I  didn't want the Dixie Belle - Vandyke Glaze to soak into the cardboard.


Next I painted a light layer with an almost dry brush of  Dixie Belle - Vandyke Glaze, that gave me the texture I was looking for on my box!  Now I have a rustic box to work with.

I stamped the Eiffel Tower with my Mailbox Muse Paris stamps with black ink! 

Dixie Bell Paint - Flamingo Paint with the Paris Stencil, be careful to stencil with a dry brush or rag... add layers of paint... avoid seepage under the stencil!


Add  German Scrap around the edges for a little bling! Paint over the word Paris with Wink of Stella Pen!

Add a few paper handmade flowers and you have a beautiful gift box!