Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Dixie Belle Self-Portrait Transfers

Hello, Trish here. I'm so excited to share my first DIY Design post with you.
As an artist I've always intended to do a true self-portrait, but frankly I'm terrible at selfies and kept putting it off. Then I read a book about the importance of family portraits and wondered, "why not?"

I read that chalk paints make the best transfer surface and well we here know what the BEST chalk paint is, right?!

The supplies are so easy peasy:
Dixie Belle Chalk Paint   
Dixie Belle Clear Coat Sealer    
Dixie Belle Grunge Glaze 
Substrate (such as a canvas or piece of wood )  
Toner copy of YOU!

I chose a couple of selfie pics that I did not hate, printed them in mirror format on my printer, THEN took them to a store to copy in black and white on a toner cartridge printer. (Very important to use a toner copy!) Trim out the excess...

I just happened to have these little canvases to try it out with. I also tried it on foam board and it worked fine.

Decide which awesome Dixie Belle Chalk Paint to use. I chose Buttercream. Placing the image face down in the WET paint. Brayer and rub it into the paint to smooth out.

Wait to dry completely. Does not take long. Wet your fingers and rub slowly and gently in a circular motion to rub off the top layer of paper.

I happen to love the imperfections, but if it would make you crazy...then start from inside edges first and go very slow. Keep it damp and eventually you will emerge.

Now, I did not wait for it to completely dry before I added the Dixie Belle Grunge Glaze and then the Dixie Belle Grunge Glaze and I payed for it later. I still had some small bits of paper left, but now it was trapped beneath product. 
Cie la vie!

Here it is with the glaze:

After the clear coat:

Of course I had to jazz it up a bit, using a stencil.

Just a touch though and added the year the photo was taken with a paint pen, because I'm sure I will forget.

Well, that sure was fun! Thank you for following along.
See ya next time with more DIYDesign Studio fun.
-Trish Alger


  1. AH-mazing!!!!! Love that you are truly experimenting with all the fun stuff possible. I knew you would!

  2. I loooove this. U did an amazing job. I love how u used the stencil. It really made the piece in my opinion. Thanks for inspiring me to try this project.

  3. Pretty neat!!! Looks awesome to make!!!

  4. Great project. I will for sure give this a try.

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