Thursday, May 26, 2016

Brand New DIY

We are so pleased to begin our Newest adventure with DIY Design Studio website and Blog.  

Stay tuned for plenty of inspired creating, tutorials, videos and products to make your DIY Dream REAL.

See this fun video, get a look at how you can create fabulous projects for the home and more!

We will paint wood, fibers, and fabrics.   We will upcycle and recycle!  

Join the fun and share the passion of DIY.

update and renew

Metal, wood, and fabrics take on a new life!

paint some wood.


upcycle a lantern

recycle old Law Books

I LOVE Swamp Mud Texture, it's like gesso on Steroids, see it on the website ~

We carry Dixie Belle paints and accessories in our store for your convenience.  

Our website is now LIVE!
Please visit


  1. BEST OF LUCK on the new shop and the new brand! Looking forward to trying the Dixie Belle paints when you have a few of the white shades in stock! Is this in addition to Altered Pages, or instead of?

  2. I always wanted to make over a coffee table!


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