Friday, September 9, 2016

Funny little Punkins!

Yep, those dollar store Pumpkins can be masterpieces!

Using Dixie Belle Paints you can create awesome holiday decor with minimal expense.

(courtesy of Virginia Bittinger)

Start with your average faux pumpkin (or a real one)

Add  a coat of DBP in Sage Green or Butter Creamy, maybe even Gulf blue or Plum Crazy for extra fun!

Allow to dry and then add a light glaze of Van Dyke Brown for an aged appearance and weathered look.

Add your embellishments like jute or fall leaves, use your imagination and VOILA!

Plenty of great stuff at www.DIYDESIGNSTUDIO.COM

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  1. Very nice - quick easy peasy attractive fun project for the autumn season!


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