Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Moraccan Makeover

Let's do a quick little makeover, okay?  Okay!  And, let's do it with some Dixie Belle Chalk Paints from DIY Design Studio.

I have a beautiful set of Moroccan inspired glass jars.  They are a lovely amber colored glass with ornate etched silver bases and lids, picture 100 year old amber apothecary jars (not really, but close).  I LOVE them!  However, they don't quite match the interior of my house since we did a bit of redecorating.  So, Dixie Belle Chalk Paint to the rescue since it works perfectly applied right over glass.  I used a half and half mixture of Fluff (white) and Buttercream.  See the wonderful results for yourself.
The before...
The during...
The After...
If you like you can give them a quick sanding to reveal the surface below the paint.  I am not quite sure if I want to do that yet.  I am going to "live" with them for a week or so and see how I feel.
The Dixie Belle paint goes on like butter, well better than butter.  I used a chip pain brush to apply and I applied approximately three light coats.  If and when I chose to give it a bit of texture and further interest, I will use this sanding sponge and most likely a coat of satin clear coat sealer.  I might also add a bit of the Van Dyke brown glaze just for some depth of color.  The best part is this is just paint.  If I decide I want the amber back some day I can just sand most of it off and I think that would be a beautiful look as well...just some chippy bits of creamy white left behind...
I hope you enjoyed my quick little make over.  This just goes to show, never get rid of something that no longer fits the color scheme...just give it new life with Dixie Belle Chalk Paints!
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