Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Fun and Funky Lamp Redo

Welcome DIY'ers!   

Today I am transforming a tired old lamp using Dixie Belle Paints. Join me in this quick tutorial and learn how you can give new life to an out dated old lamp. 

I began with a very beautiful lamp.  It was actually one of my favorite pieces when my house was decorated in the Old World Tuscan look.  I unfortunately, forgot to click a quick pic before I started painting.  The lamp was originally dark, gold guilded and very old Mediterranean style.  It holds a special place for me so when it no longer matched my current design trend I thought let's just make it fit as I just could not stand parting with it.  So, here you see it with the base coat of Dixie Belle Chalk Paint in Gulf still very pretty, but not quite what I was after as it was a little vibrant for what I was going for. 

 Next, I began sanding it using these amazing sanding sponges
 I then added a coat of Grunge Glaze. I painted it on using these great chip brushes and wiped away the excess with paper towel.  I cannot even tell you the difference the Grunge Glaze need to clear coat, wait, what? Skip a step? Yes, that is what I said. If you desire the added protection of a clear coat, however, then please use this satin clear coat sealer. You will not be sorry.

I am so very pleased with this Dixie Belle redo.   
I can't wait to get my hands on the next one! 

Thanks for stopping by!
Steph S. for DIY Design Studios


  1. That lamp has been through the ages! Great job!

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