Wednesday, October 26, 2016

reDIY of a DIY--flea market find blanket chest

I love flea market finds!  I'm a complete sucker for the 75% off booths, which is where this blanket chest originated.

You can tell from the tape measure that it's a pretty good size, and it's been painted with a crackle finish. 

Ask me how much it cost.

It was $3.75!!!  
Admit it.  You would have bought it for $3.75, too, right?

Anyway I want it to be red, so get out the chalk paint . . . 
It's just a coat of red, with a creme wax coating, but the crackles and the blue beneath make it look like I really worked on it.  Kind of like stealing the effect from someone else's DIY efforts, so a thank you to the original blue painter person!  I suppose the lesson here is, don't be afraid of a previous DIY.  If you don't like previous DIY, just reDIY it.

We've been hunting for a chair for this spot, but until then, this $3.75 find has lots of storage and is sturdy enough to use as a bench.  (It's currently full of blankets and the daughter's coloring books/colored pencil stash.)


  1. I couldn't believe how inexpensive it was. If nothing else, it gives all the coloring books and pencils a place to live!!!


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