Wednesday, March 1, 2017


I have been watching several videos about Dixie Belle Chalk Paints and how they can cover up with one coat of paint.  I wanted to prove it to my self... and to you! 

I found this cute little cupboard that I intend to use in my studio for storage.  I wasn't too keen on the outside of it... so it has been sitting on the side waiting for the day I alter it!  The day came!!!

Side by side before and after!
Starting with the top... this is after just one coat of Dixie Belle Sea Glass Chalk Paint.

That is some pretty wild pattern I am covering!  Here you can see how well the paint covers the pattern.

I would not hesitated to use Dixie Belle Chalk Paints on larger projects!

This is after one coat and it is almost dry.  All I can say is I am totally impressed by the paint!  I don't intend to do a second coat of paint.   I am happy with the results... Now to think about how I am going to embellish it. 
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  1. This is so very pretty. the piece will be functional and look great too!


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