Saturday, August 20, 2016

MORE Great Ideas with DIY

I have to admit I stole this idea but it is so worth sharing!

Living in Arizona (and many other locations) we are very susceptible to sunburns. We grow Aloe Vera plants and use them often for burnt fingers and such.   We also have aloe vera gels and juices.  AV is so cooling and really does help with blistering and pain relief.  

WELL people, get to your dollar store and buy an ice cube tray.   Fill each hole with Aloe juice and water or Aloe Gel.   Make your own with snips of your Aloe plants placed in water (slice the piece open to expose the inner juice)  FREEZE and Voila!   If you like essential oils, add one  or two drops to each cube. Peppermint or Spearmint or Lavender would be wonderful. 

Instant relief and cooling as can be!   Use one at a time directly on the burn (careful not to freeze your skin). 

Now for some inspirational Painted items, ORDER that Paint and get going!

Wendy Wilson shows us how to paint, transfer and embellish!

Claire Matthew stained and then used Swamp mud and a stencil for this masterpiece bench.   You can colorize the swamp mud or paint over it.  Always good to seal projects too!



  1. love this bench! definitely not my style - but I could work it in, it's so lovely!


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