Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Dixie Belle Wooden Crock Redo

The rusty and neglected call to me. They must be repurposed to a life of tangible value yet again...
This is why I have a growing stash of other's castoffs.
Time for a Christmas Season DIY redo:

I loved this wooden crock when I first spied it at a tag sale.

I mixed some Swamp Mud and a bit of Gulf chalk paint.

I scraped it across a snowflake stencil I created last year. 

**Remember NOT to wash the Swamp Mud into your plumbing. Wipe off with paper towels and dispose in trash.

Using a chip brush I covered the outside of the crock and lid with Fluff chalk paint... 

No perfection required, very forgiving products.

I let it dry and painted another coat.

Using a fine grit sandpaper I sanded back to some of the Gulf color on the snowflakes and distressed back to the wood in other areas.

Taking a dab of the clear paste wax I rubbed it in all over the painted areas and then buffed with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Finally a thin coat of the gold glaze over the wax coat adds just a bit of shimmer; it floats the glaze color.

So easy peasy and yet looks like you spent hours on it. Fill with cookies or other treats to give as a hostess gift or display on your table with greenery in a tablescape.

Let us know what DIY you have created this season, we'd love to see it.
Ciao for now,
-Trish Alger

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