Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Dreaming of BEACHES!

It has been cold here far too long.. I am ready for nice warm beaches!

I decided to create my own beach with a sunset!  To start I have a shell almost the size of my hand that I found a the thrift store.First I paint the water in the shell using Dixie Belle Sea Glass Chalk Paint.  I let it dry a bit.  Then with Dixie Belle Swamp Mud Texture Medium I added a small sand beach...

The beach needed a beautiful coral sky lit by the setting sun, Dixie Belle Flamingo Chalk Paint was the perfect color.  To give the sky to effect I was looking for while the  Flamingo Chalk Paint was still wet I went over it with Dixie Belle Buttercream Chalk Paint.  I love the how this is turning out.  Next I add a little of  Dixie Belle Buttercream Chalk Paint to the Dixie Belle Sea Glass water for a small wave effect.    

Finally, I used the Dixie Belle Van Dyke Brown Glaze to paint the  Dixie Belle Swamp Mud Texture Medium for sandy color.
Right now I am sitting on the beach trying to decide what I will do here.  Comment and let me know what should happen with this peaceful beach!

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